3 Instances That may Warrant a Personal Injury Lawsuit

You may have a vague familiarity with the legal process. You’ve seen the commercials for personal injury attorneys who represent clients that run the gamut of society and injuries. Do you know what qualifies under a personal injury lawsuit? You may be surprised to learn that many instances you believed were barred from a suit are covered under this type of legal action. Check into these three examples that may qualify for a personal injury lawsuit.

1. Car Accident

Injuries sustained during a car accident may render a person unable to perform basic tasks. Depending on the severity of the collision, these injuries may require long-term care. Check-in with a boston injury lawyer to see if your situation may require a personal injury lawsuit to recover financial compensation. If another driver was negligent and caused the crash, you may be able to get more money than the insurance company is offering.

2. Work Accident

Do employers take care of work injuries? If you live in a state where businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, some or all of your injury may be covered under the policy. However, even in this environment, the plan may not give you the care your injury requires. When the workers’ compensation coverage is not sufficient, or when the employer may have ignored a dangerous condition, you may be able to get more help.

3. Medical Error

Medical malpractice can happen in the doctor’s office, in a clinic, hospital or operating room. It is typically not intentional, but it can cause you to suffer permanent damage. Some medical mistakes result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Some examples include:

  • Wrong medication administered
  • Allergic reaction
  • Accident during surgery
  • Improper charting or followup
  • Misdiagnosis

Since medical mishaps may involve more than just one person, a personal injury lawsuit may target all the parties responsible.

Getting the medical help you need to recover as best as you can require civil litigation against the negligent parties. A personal injury lawsuit, therefore, may wind up yielding the results your condition warrants.