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For instance, we may look at the posted speed limits on most US highways and conclude that the “right” or “right” pace is not more than fifty-5 miles per hour. Or we could look somewhat deeper and learn the way the written law is often applied. Doing so, we might conclude that sixty-one miles per hour is generally allowed by most state troopers, however that occasionally somebody gets ticketed for doing fifty-seven miles per hour in a fifty-5 miles per hour zone. The first strategy, analyzing in a precise way what the rule itself says, is sometimes generally known as the “positivist” college of authorized thought.

The rule of legislation, in its restraint on the exercise of governmental and judicial power, facilitates the aims of these with power of other kinds, significantly financial power. This is not a surprising argument, if one considers how proper-wing thinkers like Frederick Hayek (1971, 57–9) have lauded the rule of regulation for its important function in buttressing the free market. Left wing and proper wing thinkers are agreed, then, on the capitalist perform of the rule of legislation. This is the stress between the novel ideology view and the idea of the rule of … Read More