Apakah Penggunaan Wajar Itu?

fair use lawWe here at the OTW talk so much about how most fanworks are authorized underneath copyright law, but we all know that most people find copyright legislation slightly bit mysterious. Coverage advice #4Identification of works within the public area ought to be made simpler by simplifying and harmonizing guidelines of copyright length and territoriality. Most fair use evaluation falls into two classes: (1) commentary and criticism, or (2) parody.

If what you’ve got copied is vital to the unique, it can weigh in opposition to finding truthful use. Solely a court can determine with authority whether or not a specific use is a good use. Copyright holders can grant permission to use their works via a license. Nevertheless, the Copyright Act contains schooling exceptions along with fair dealing (educators can select whichever happens to be more advantageous for their purposes).

If a use is fair in the midst of scholarship, then it is fair within the publication and distribution of that scholarship by any means, including publishing and media distribution, and in the archiving of that scholarship. That communication students give of how and why they make responsible use of copyrighted media materials, in conditions where they are able to … Read More