Why You Should Never Blow Off a Hearing for a Protective Order

Years ago a protective order didn’t hold much in the way of consequences if they were broken. Now it can mean real jail time and legal difficulties. Always seek knowledgeable legal advice before entering any court situation as serious as domestic dispute resolutions.

Any Violation of the Many Rules Can Earn Mandatory Jail Time

One violation of the roster of rules for no contact with a protective order is considered a breach and breaking the terms. You might forget one day and send a cheerful text and then find law enforcement at your door. Accepting texts or phone calls from the other party is also considered breaking the protective order.

A Protective Order Makes Working Things Out with a Significant Other Complicated

Protective orders are designed to keep the other party safe when acts of domestic violence, abuse, or threats have happened. It’s a legal paper that defines what you can and can’t do in regards to being near or contacting the other party. Existing protective orders make it nearly impossible to try and work things out. Even if both parties agree to be around one another, you can be given mandatory jail time for breaking the order.

The Temporary Restraining Order Can Be Made Permanent

You should never feel relaxed about a restraining order, even if it’s considered temporary. It can turn into a permanent one, depending on the scope of the case and your previous record for violent behaviors.

You Would Have to Surrender Firearms

By Virginia law, anyone that has a restraining order for domestic violence has to surrender any firearms to law enforcement or a licensed gun dealer. It’s an infringement on gun rights that has been deemed necessary by the legislature to reduce the homicides that occur following some domestic disputes.

You need to hire a lawyer experienced in defending against a protective order Fairfax area residents rely on to minimize the impact of the process.