Authorized Advocacy Fund

legal advocacyOne solution to simplify and sum up NAPW’s authorized advocacy work is to say: If you’re locked up since you are knocked up – name NAPW! For those who or someone you already know requires help with a authorized or advocacy issue or if in case you have authorized experience and would like to volunteer for this program please contact the VLAP Coordinator at 604-602-3236 or at [email protected] We ask for your persistence – please enable just a few days for a response.

The Legal Advocate is housed at the Law and Justice Middle in Bozeman and is accessible to assist participants acquire momentary and permanent orders of protection by providing and assisting contributors with the suitable paperwork and accompanying survivors to their hearings.

By means of the Consumer Help Program (CAP), we assist individuals with difficulties searching for or receiving vocational rehabilitation companies from the Department of Rehabilitation, independent dwelling centers or other Rehabilitation Act funded packages.

Each time potential, and to maximize the efficient use of restricted assets, the League will collaborate and be a part of with different native agency associations and organizations to realize mutually desired legal outcomes by way of the Legal Advocacy Program.