Is Narcotics Abuse Case a Criminal or a Victim in a legal case?

Eradicating narcotics abuse users or narcotics abusers is indeed difficult because it has taken root and criminals, but this matter is not impossible as long as there is a will, it is only our commitment whether we want to eradicate narcotics abusers or not. One aspect of the difficulty of eradicating narcotics users or abusers is due to the large number of narcotics, especially since Indonesia is suspected of being an exporter of narcotics of methamphetamine type (methamphetamine) and is no longer an importer, so that in the past we only heard that narcotics users were mostly found in big cities that were crowded with places of worship. night entertainment, but currently narcotics users or abusers have entered the villages, let alone some have reached the dealer level.

Narcotics Abuse

So, from now on we must unite to eradicate narcotics abuse who currently do not understand caste anymore, ranging from basic class citizens to upper class citizens, ranging from officials to honorariums. And remember, eradicating narcotics abuse will never take place without a joint commitment between the government through designated institutions, such as the National Narcotics Agency, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, including law enforcement agencies, because without a synergy between the citizens and the government, the circulation of Narcotics will continue to be rampant which will lead to drug abusers and victims of narcotics abusers will continue to increase, and the only smile is that the drug dealers in this country and their networks are scattered outside the country.

In some of the problems that were revealed by the police or by the National Narcotics Agency almost all of them made us flabbergasted at the large number of narcotic facts, especially when there were methamphetamine-type narcotics crystal meth that came to 1 (one) tonne. , and a few days later we read the news that the Pare-Pare Police officers arrested some of the defendants with their evidence, in the form of methamphetamine weighing 10 kg. Can we imagine how this nation’s generation, especially the younger generation, would be if the crystal meth were consumed by so many of our younger generations?

The narcotics business is a very lucrative business because people get rich so quickly in a short time, so many are desperate to become drug dealers and dealers, even though they already know the legal consequences they face and Indonesia as a country with the world’s top 5 most populous population an easy target and a very promising market share for mafias and drug cartels from other countries, especially now, we have penetrated the MEA (Asian Economic Citizens), where people and goods from Asian countries will go back and forth freely in the country. We have listed the ability of narcotics trafficking to continue to be dangerous.

The same opinion of law enforcement Narcotics Abuse

In view of the phenomenon of abusers or victims of narcotics abusers who continue to be large in number, so it is time for law enforcement officers to equate their assumptions and thoughts in responding to this phenomenon. The similarity that the author means here is the similarity of views and assumptions of law enforcers, both from the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Law Council, towards abusers and victims of narcotics abusers as victims and not criminal actors. Because in fact there are still many of our law enforcement officers who treat narcotics users or abusers as criminals and not as victims.

Although long before the joint regulation was promulgated, the Supreme Court had already issued (circular message) No. 4 of 2010 concerning Placement of Victims of Abuse and Narcotics Addicts into Medical Rehabilitation and Social Rehabilitation Institutions and Circular Message No. 3 of 2011 concerning Placement of Narcotics Abuse Victims in Medical Rehabilitation and Social Rehabilitation Institutions.

At the end of this article, for the author, it is time for all of us to have the same opinion about addicts, abusers and victims of narcotics abusers that they are victims and not criminals so that they must be overcome and not imprisoned.