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legal separationHey Siri, file my divorce.” If only it had been that easy, proper? The court docket can enter a closing property division order, equitably dividing the events’ property and debts. Just as being married would not require you to stay underneath the same roof, being legally separated does not require you to dwell underneath totally different roofs.

If your spouse filed a divorce case, then the legal separation case and the divorce case would be consolidated” into one case. Due to this fact, after a legal separation is granted, the events can’t create marital property or debt and they aren’t capable of file their taxes as a married couple.

Some couples might benefit from merely separating physically however not legally, whereas others prefer to split legally, especially for financial reasons. Not all states offer authorized separation as an choice, so it is very important determine your state’s legal guidelines.

In case you wish to speak with an attorney about filing for authorized separation or divorce, please call our workplace at (608)782-1469. When a legal separation happens, a court docket could concern orders relative to the support, care and custody of minor youngsters and to the support of the married persons.

A legal separation could be a stopping point on the way to divorce. General, the separation course of offers with the same issues and follows lots of the identical steps as divorce. Your legal separation agreement will cover all issues that might be covered in a final decree of divorce.