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Nevertheless, concerns in regards to the ideological impression of proceduralism don’t name into question the dear position that the rule of regulation itself should play, even in the most bold egalitarian community. The potential for a dismissive strategy to regulation, maybe, along with the final decline of the affect of Marxism, accounts for why some latest literature has prevented the term ‘ideology’ and opted as a substitute for terms like ‘discourse’ or ‘narrative’. Such terms additionally recommend that legislation should be understood in a political context, however they’re much less particular concerning the nature of that context or its influence.

This suggests that the beliefs of legality usually are not a mere charade however are instantiated in the legislation, if solely in a partial and incomplete form. Thompson made this point in his argument for the common worth of the rule of legislation.

Thompson contended that to ensure that regulation to perform as ideology it should proffer some real moral value. For the left-wing theorist of ideology, nevertheless, the rule of regulation additionally has ideological elements that mean it serves capitalist purposes in additional sinister ways. For in its restraint on political and authorized energy, the rule of legislation implies that these public forms of energy are the only forms of energy that exist, or no less than the one ones that matter. Moreover, in assuring the topics of the law that that law is utilized with generality and certainty, the rule of law also implies that formal justice is the only related kind of justice; that equality before the law is equivalent to equality per se.

The pure regulation and authorized positivist positions are united, however, in the purpose to provide a concept of the essence of legislation. This endeavour supplies them with a common enemy within the view of legislation as ideology, which finds making an attempt to determine the essence of law as essentially misconceived. After all, if law is inevitably shaped by ideas emanating from power relations outside of the regulation, then it will appear that law has no essence, be it ethical or institutional. If law is decreased to ideology, or seen as its mere effect, then legality looks contingent and unprincipled, having no necessary content or definition, no intrinsic character.

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Properly understood, the idea of ideology offers a nuanced and illuminating method to legality that gives a precise rendering of the relation between legislation and politics that needn’t be nihilist or reductionist. After all, a proper understanding of the ideological position of law is suitable with other conceptions of how regulation is to be outlined or understood.

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This is particularly so if we recognize the improbability of eliminating altogether ideological modes of understanding. How then, can the idea of ideology be deployed in legal scholarship? In truth, the more refined critiques of ideology grasp the extent to which both liberation and manipulation could be embodied within the law. Recall the nuanced conception of Marx and Engels, the place ideology offers an inverted picture of actuality, however a recognizable image nonetheless.