Studying Law Majors Abroad

Everything you need to know before choosing to study law abroad. Have you ever watched TV Suits or Law and Order? Or do you like Legally Blonde movies? Profession in the field of law is an interesting option as interpreted by the fictional film (even though it is dramatized). Now that you’re thinking that you want to become a lawyer. Find out if this world has the glamor and charm that suits you!

Override the Law Department

Law is one of the most popular majors of students around the world. This research program is concerned with law from a theoretical to practical point of view as well as legal cases that occur in the world. The need to be reliable in the field of law is urgently needed, not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world.

This is one of the reasons why this department is a favorite of students, one of which is the wide open job opportunities, both in private and government institutions.

Not only within the country, but law graduates can also have careers outside the country. There are various alibis that underlie the decision to study abroad in the field of law.

What are the research programs in law majors?

The scope of the field of law has a very broad scope. There are a variety of specific specializations in the law department that can be selected according to your interests and desired career direction. Fields of specialization for law majors vary widely, and can vary from one university to another.

However, in general, here are 10 legal specializations that you can choose while studying law.

  • Civil law
  • Area and Spatial Law
  • Economic Law
  • International law
  • State Administrative Law
  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal law
  • Law and Community Growth
  • Law and Technology
  • Actual Law (Judicial)

Why the Selection to Study Law Abroad?

For those of you who are choosing majors to continue research abroad, law can be the right choice for those of you who are interested in matters relating to the rules and laws that govern society. Why study law abroad? Here are 5 alibis that can be your consideration.

Complete Facilities

Universities abroad usually have a student center that acts as a place for students to hone their soft skills to experience the current world of work. Starting from foreign language training, extracurricular classes, counseling support to preparation for choosing a career to help students find a career that matches their passion.

This is certainly very helpful for students in preparing themselves before going into the real world of work after graduating from college later.

Broad Job Prospects

The field of law covers many fields. Not only being a lawyer, there are many career options that law graduates can choose from. This makes Law graduates have very broad and varied job or career prospects. For a more detailed description of job prospects for law graduates, it will be discussed further in the basic section.

Internship Opportunities

Law students abroad are required to do internships at law firms so they can directly put into practice the knowledge they gain in lectures and recognize growth in the field of law directly. Students’ skills will also be more honed and will be more ready to work when they graduate later.

Not only that, students can also build a network which will also be very helpful when looking for a job after graduating from college later.

Global Career

As a graduate from a foreign university, you have the opportunity to have a career in the country where you study or even another country. Working abroad is no longer just a dream because with an internationally recognized diploma and expertise you can definitely apply for a job of interest abroad. In addition, qualified English skills will definitely be an added point to help get jobs abroad.

Many Prestigious Professions

For a long time, many law graduates have chosen to become lawyers, which is considered a brilliant and of course prestigious career option. Not only lawyers, there are many prestigious professions that can be used as job options for these graduates.

What kind of personality is suitable for studying law?

Personality suitable for law majors

Choosing a major for college should not only be based on which majors are well-known and have good prospects in the future, especially if you are just joining in. A person’s personality also needs to be taken into account because not everyone is fit to study law.

Universally, the personality of students who are suitable to study law majors are as follows.


If you are the type of person who always processes and analyzes data carefully and then makes decisions/conclusions that are based on facts, information and rational considerations, then studying law majors is right for you.

Happy Analyzing / Research

Have a deeper interest in analyzing a subject? Do you like to conduct small studies or research to find answers to problems? The character of wanting to know and doing this kind of analysis is suitable for studying in the field of law.

Independent and Active

Every day there are many new things related to law that require students studying in this department to be independent and active individuals who explore current developments in the field of law, be adaptive to various changes in the field of law and be active in dialogue or lectures.

Team Player

If you are a person who can work with other people, can contribute when working with other people, this personality will be very helpful in pursuing and having a career in the legal field later.

Able to Speak Well

If you are the type of person who likes to relate to other people, is smart and has the courage to speak or appear in public, then law school is right for you.